How to get apartment pink book (LURC) in HCMC Vietnam

Providing pink book of apartment is a compulsory job of the apartment project owner. Whether it is an affordable apartment or a luxury apartment, it is a must because it is associated with the obligations of the investor to the customer. This article will summarize the process and components of legal documents to make pink book of apartment projects.


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Regulations on investors must grant pink book of apartments

The most visible is the Real Estate Business Law 2014 66/2014/QH13 dated November 25, 2014 in Clause 4 of Article 13 – Responsibility of investors of real estate projects:

Apply for Certificate of land, ownership of houses and property on land granted to the buyer or the renter and issued by competent agencies within 50 days from the day on which the house or the building is transferred to the buyer or from the deadline of lease purchase, except that the buyer or the renter requests in writing that they shall apply themselves for the Certificate.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the real estate project owner to carry out the procedures to issue a pink book to the buyer.

get apartment pink book

The preparation steps for the project to be granted a pink book

First of all, the project investor must check the internal work. That is, the investor (investor) checks and takes over the work of the main contractor, water and electricity contractor, design contractor, supervision consultant ….

After that, the apartment project must be tested for fire prevention and fighting, acceptance for discharge and connection of technical infrastructure systems: water supply and drainage, etc.

Next, Investor must be approved by the licensing agency for construction of the project. Normally, projects of level 2 and 3 are licensed by the Department of Construction and accepted by the Department of Construction. In case of grade-1 apartment projects licensed by the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Construction will take over. The representative agency of the Ministry of Construction is the State Inspection Department for Quality of Construction Works.

Finally, the investor must submit an application for the number of houses for each apartment in the Urban Management District where the project is built.

Components of basic documents for submission of pink book of apartments of apartment building

Procedures for issuing apartment pink book

Admin will list some of the most necessary records below. Depending on each different project, add a few other specific profile components. For example, a social housing project is different from a 100% commercial apartment project, or a FDI project.

    1. Copy of business registration license or investment license.
    2. Decision approving construction investment project of People’s Committee of province / city.
    3. Documents related to fulfillment of financial obligations. Each project has its own characteristics, so the dossier related to financial obligations to the state is general. Usually a payment slip to the budget to pay the land rental, registration fee declaration …
    4. Land use right certificate and land allocation map (or similar).
    5. Certificate of commitment to environmental protection.
    6. Minutes of fire prevention and fighting acceptance together with the fire prevention and fighting dossier appraisal results.
    7. Acceptance record of discharge.
    8. Minutes of internal acceptance between the Investor and the contractors.
    9. The acceptance record is put into use by the Department of Construction or the Department of State inspection of the quality of construction works – Ministry of Construction has accepted.
    10. Basic design comments and attached drawings.
    11. Construction permit and attached drawings.
    12. Drawings of the map of residential land or current status of each apartment location made by the housing measurement company licensed to conduct measurement activities.
    13. Decision of house numbering and house numbering drawing.
    14. …. Also, contact for further advice. But overall it is enough ^^


Procedure of making pink book for apartment

Here, I will advise the process and procedures to make pink book apartment.

First, the investor must hire a survey company to measure the apartment.

Must choose reputable survey company, many survey companyare really cheap quotes then take the design drawings to adjust the form into drawings of residential housing. These survey company take the price range of 200-300K VND/ drawing.
Ideally, such work should be avoided as there is an error between the construction and the design. Usually, the sales contract shows the difference in area of ​​how much, you will return or collect more money. Admin see, usually the investors choose 2%. If there are projects of famous developers, this figure is very small as 0.2%. Here, the admin does not disclose it, for security reasons. So, taking a design as an apartment plan drawing is very likely to cause great conflict when the buyer buys an independent consulting unit, the results are different and more dangerous when the difference is outside. Conventional percentage on contract.

Therefore, choosing reputable measurement consultant to ensure the safety of both investors and transparency to customers is essential.
Moreover, in the context of social network development, each apartment has its own fanpage. If only one customer discovers a large and non-transparent measurement result, it will immediately appear on the fanpage. As a result, the whole apartment tenants themselves re-measured. After all, everyone probably understands, Management Board very headache before these troubles.

The actual measurement price per millimeter of the apartment in the market ranges from 700k – 1400k VND depending on the project. Usually, FDI projects have higher measurement prices because they are more complicated and have much higher serviceability. Admin do a lot to understand.

The most accurate and intuitive technology for apartments today see this article: What is 3D Laser Scanning Scan? Application to life

LURC of apartment

Next, Investor prepares a report on project implementation results.

This is the characteristic of each business investing in different form templates. However, it is basically about the issues of which apartment to follow, when to build, how many apartments, 2-unit type apartments, how many units … When finished, when to take over …

This is generally a general overview of the project. Construction project management is most aware of this issue.

If you need advice, write a report to for 100% free advice.

Next is to submit the application for the pink book of the apartment to the Land Use Management Department of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The above submitted documents only need certified true copies or photocopies. Please note, enclose a list of typical apartments with apartment plan drawings. To the field crew will examine the typical apartment.